Pamela Ludmer, MD


Women's Divorce Coaching

Women's Leadership Coaching

Helping physician women manage their greatest challenges so they can flourish in all aspects of their lives.

Women's Divorce


Divorce is full of questions and uncertainty. 

How do I choose a lawyer?

What will happen to the finances? 

What will happen to the kids?

How can I stop the fighting?

Women's Leadership


As a female physician leader, you may wonder:

What kind of leader do I want to be?

How can I become the leader I want to be?

How can I communicate to get my message heard?

What can I do to grow myself as a leader?

Alignity Approach

Every woman has a unique path, unique priorities, and unique goals. 

Together, with me as coach, thinking partner, and guide, we will discover what is most important to you, personally and professionally, so that you can overcome some of your biggest challenges. 

About Pam

As a physician, educator, leader, and coach, I am on a mission to support physician women through their  challenges in divorce and leadership so they can find joy in their personal and professional lives.  

Here are a few ways Alignity can help:


Self Awareness

Value-Based Decision Making

Balancing Priorities

Goal Setting

Managing Conflict

Project Planning